Monday, August 13, 2007

What is yogurt?

I had to ask because the airport security took my yogurt when I flew to Baltimore, and I wasn't sure if it was a liquid or solid. I don't think they should have taken it for several reasons:
  • it's so questionable
  • it was sealed
  • I purchased it with my breakfast at the airport.
It was my lunch, so I had to buy something else inside the security checkpoint.

Poll results: 4 solid, 1 liquid


Anonymous said...

That is so crazy. If it's sold in the airport it should be ok. They took my water and little ice pack when I flew from Portland to Ohio this summer. I think things are just a little out of control. One person can mess things up for everyone, forever if they want. They just need to deal with issues on a need to basis.

terra said...

Funny thing is... in a while, people will be able to bring matches on the plane. They'll make a guy in a wheelchair take off his shoes, but anyone can bring matches. What can you do with matches that you can't do with shoes? Hmm...