Saturday, August 18, 2007

Month in Review

I've been writing this blog for exactly one month, so I thought it would be fun to have a quick look back. I started this with the intention of sharing positive stories about the environment, ways to live a "greener" life, be healthier, and appreciate nature. I did it because I love learning new things, and to learn something good every day has been so refreshing for me. I expected to post once a week, but I've been posting every day! That's a lot of good news.

My Favorites
Things I've Learned
  • Lavender oil is great, but lavender mixed with eucalyptus may be better because bees aren't attracted to eucalyptus (we haven't been stung, but I notice bees around the Lavender plant a lot)
  • Green Clean for Drains
  • Turn a Garbage Strike into something good
  • How to get rid of Japanese Beetles
  • That's certainly not all I've learned, but it's a start
What are your favorites?
Things you'd like to see more of?


mom said...

Terra, Great posting so far. I love learning more about energy saving tips and the lavender is good. I didn't know about the eucalyptus but I will for sure use that one. I got the lavender for our camp trip and mixed the potion us today. I will be taking it on the Hood to Coast run I am driving for next weekend. Should keep the van smelling a little more peaceful.
Do you have any information on getting rid of dog waste? I just feel so bad all the time when I put it in plastic bags for the dump, I know it's going to sit there for 10,000 years.
Keep up the good work. love you!

terra said...

I got the eucalyptus oil advice from Mike D.

I haven't read anything practical for dog waste. You can't even compost it. The only thing you can do is be sure your bags are biodegradable. Don't use scented ones - that's a waste of $$. I'll keep looking.

Village Green said...

Love your blog! More vegan recipes would be nice.

Village Green said...

Check out the Doggie Dooley, your own self installed dog poo composter!

Don't know what to do with cat waste. I've read you aren't supposed to flush it into human waste water systems.

Here's another web site's view on the matter:

terra said...

Thanks! I may do a post on that. I remember seeing the Doggie Dooley a while back. I like the garbage can thing better.