Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Recipe - Cucumber Water

Cucumber Water

Add some cucumber slices to your ice-water for a refreshing change.

Stay cool!


mom said...

Oh this is a great idea. I am running the Hood to Coast in Portland, Oregon today. I was going to be a driver but someone got injured and cannot drive. I have a difficult time drinking plain water sometimes so this will be a refreshing change for me this weekend. Thanks Terra.

terra said...

Good idea!
I'm drinking this today because it is going to be 90+ and ultra humid. It's a nice treat.

Good luck on the Hood to Coast!

G. Jangle said...

Person called "mom",
Good luck on Hood to Coast. Kinda jealous. We just put our school relay team together for the Akron Marathon. I'm running the 8 mile bit at the end. Easy...
And I like cucumber water too.

mom said...

You should come next year and be on a Hood to Coast team. It's so you!. You could put a team together from Ohio. We saw people from Ireland and Germany. It was a blast. Think about it. Registration is coming up and it fills quick. I might be in for one more year. You can also think about it awhile and join a team later on. Closer to the race, teams loose people and search for a replacement. I know you would love it. Another life experience you should not miss.