Friday, August 17, 2007

Eco Living

prefabPowerPod has created a super ecologically-friendly house. The roof is designed with solar panels, and they bounce sun off each other to ensure maximum exposure and absorption of the sun. It funnels rain for collection and reuse, and the solar panels heat the water. So far, no carbon use.

These pre-fab homes have extra high ceilings with plenty of windows to let in a lot of natural light, and they're well-insulated so you don't loose a lot of heat or cool. Extra thought went into the technology of these houses, including heated floors with "a radiant heating system that circulates hot water through insulated subflooring."

More pics here! More than just pods!


Anonymous said...

Someday I will own & live in a house like this! I love it!

Village Green said...

I want one! Think I'll join Keep Akron Beautiful, who are being given the mayor's directive to devise a greenprint for Akron. Homes like these should be a part of the plan.

terra said...

I love this house. The heated floors - they're heated with the collected rain water, which is heated by the solar panels! It even has a dishwasher, which my house doesn't. Those high windows would be perfect for my birder-cat (with the addition of kitty steps and a perch for her). And it's portable.

village green, I followed the link on your page to the Don's Green page and was so happy to see Akron's recycling increase by 40% (or so) because of the new garbage can program. Excellent!