Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Painted Black

Many conservationists have been urging Google to transform to an all-black screen to save over 750 megawatt hours of electricity a year. Google does some excellent work in the alternative energy field, so I'm surprised they haven't jumped on the opportunity. An independent company in Australia has created a black-screen version of Google called Blackle. It's a Google powered search engine that will give you the same results as Google, but will save mega energy. Find out more.

Make http://www.blackle.com/ your homepage so that every time you launch the web, you save a little energy and remind yourself of the need to save even more.


Suzen said...

Great idea! Set my homepage at work to it, will do the same when I get home!

terra said...

Awesome! I wish everything had a black screen. I'm sure the black screen is better on the eyes.