Thursday, August 23, 2007

No Left Turn

Here's a fun, challenging way to save gas - avoid left turns! Left turns use more gas by idling while you wait for an open spot to turn. UPS is reorganizing its delivery routes to minimize left turns, hoping to save money and avoid accidents. The environmental benefit is an added bonus!
"Everyday drivers can adopt some of our best practices to ease their pain at the pump, reduce exposure to accidents and lessen their own environmental impact," said Robert Hall, UPS's fleet environmental manager.

With a travel makeover from UPS, a family of four recently shaved 84 miles a week off its driving. Using the routes mapped out by UPS, the family discovered it could save $3.69 a day, or almost $1,000 a year, on weekday travel alone.
$3.69 a day? That's $25 a week!

Plan ahead to try to save gas (and $$) by combining errands and reducing left turns at the same time. Remember, too, your car uses more gas to idle for 10+ seconds than to turn it off and back on.

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terra said...

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