Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cleveland EcoVillage

The Cleveland EcoVillage is constructing Green Cottages at Pear Ave and W 58th St. The homes will have a new "green design," sell at affordable prices, and have excellent energy efficiency. Click the picture for details about their eco-design.

The cottages were designed by the Cleveland Green Building Coalition's Emerging Designers program. Heating costs will be less than $400, and electric will be about $250 per year. Green Cottages will be near the Rapid Station, churches, community gardens, schools, shops and restaurants, to encourage residents to walk more.

The EcoVillage is thriving around the concept of rebuilding a community to be pedestrian-friendly, and ecologically sound. The area is built around the Rapid transit station, and is full of community gardens and outdoor activities that residents love. Homes have superior insulation to conserve energy and save money.

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Russ said...

Now if only they could fix their schools. *sigh*