Friday, September 07, 2007

Small... Smaller

Check out this ultra-small, ultra-efficient, totally cool toaster-oven/coffee maker/griddle. It's the Instant Kitchen. Perfect for a dorm, apartment, or people who just don't like having a bunch of "stuff" everywhere. It's only $45. (I saw this on Treehugger)

Back to comments: You may notice that I have re-activated comments. I really like getting post ideas from readers. So, I will be "moderating" comments, which means that I read and approve them. I'm following this blogger's philosophy - as long as comments add value to our lives, they will be welcome.
I look forward to your ideas about how to be more environmentally-friendly.


A huge fan! said...

Whew, I am so glad we can make comments again. I've had a difficult time holding all my thoughts to myself.
Love the mini kitchen! It's so great. Would be wonderful in the motorhome too.

Village Green said...

Hooray! I've really missed chiming in on your wonderful research. Keep up the excellent work!

terra said...

Thanks! It wasn't fair for all of us to be held hostage b/c of one person's negativity. I hope this is a better solution for everyone.