Monday, September 10, 2007



love the blog terra. thanks! said...

The entire Planet Earth Series is wonderful. I rented it from Netflix (5 DVDs in all) and loved it. The last DVD had a few episodes that contained a variety of opinions from many fields of study about issues like sustainable development and the issue of focusing on saving specific species. They were very thought provoking. The videos after each episode on how all of the amazing footage was taken was really interesting too!

I highly recommend it. It's educational, intriguing and uplifting but also serves as reminder to how precious our planet earth truly is. Very powerful.

terra said...

I have it on my Netflix list. I'll have to move it up. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about the series, even from people I would never expect to enjoy something like that.

That's an interesting point... saving specific species. I think sustainability is so easy, and would really help everyone have a better quality of life (and it's less expensive).

Thanks for the recommendation!