Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chrissie Hynde featured in Vegetarian Times

Chrissie Hynde, lead singer of The Pretenders, was featured in this month's Vegetarian Times. She is opening a new vegetarian restaurant in Akron, called VegiTerranean. It will be a coffee house, bar, and restaurant featuring vegetarian Italian food. Yum! The VegiTerranean preview celebration is this weekend, Sept. 15, and the restaurant will open in October.

In VT, Hynde talks about being a vegetarian for 38 years. She started this lifestyle because of her compassion for animals. We're now learning about how destructive the meat industry is for the environment - it's the #2 polluter behind the auto industry.

Hynde wants to know why there aren't vegetarian fast food restaurants? And why don't they sell veggie burgers at rock concerts? Thanks to her, we don't have to ask why Akron doesn't have a vegetarian restaurant.


goosey lucy said...

i think it's great Akron is getting a veg restaurant. I was rather put off by chrissie's remarks about akron, though. She implies we don't understand vegetarianism and veganism. Even if these are her feelings, she would be smart not to broadcast them when she's trying to promote her restaurant!

terra said...

You're right. Although a lot of people don't understand veganism (and think vegetarians only eat salad), she would benefit us all by explaining it, rather than telling people they don't know what it is.

Anyway, I'm excited about the opening.

Petey said...

I have always had a real respect and admired Ms. Hynde.

I am not so sure what veganism is but have utmost regards for her.

I was working on a large expensive Golf-Subdivision-Resort project and as I witnesses a beutiful virgin Ohio woods just swept out of the away - I instantly knew just how she fely in her song Back to Ohio.

Made me think "Developers " are just carpetbagging destroyers.

OOrah Chrissie

Village Green said...

I'm excited too and plan on doing some quality dining time there.

Anonymous said...

very exciting that she's doing this. Veganism and vegetarianism is simple: no animal product. nothing was hurt in the food you ate. it's very comforting. before i was vegan - i never thought it was possible. now - for real - i couldn't imagine eating something with animal product. being vegan doesn't make anyone better than anyone else...but when you read up on's a snowball effect. we really do NOT need animal product in our quote i ever heard: "Just because we are top of the food chain does not mean we have the right to eat EVERYTHING below us." We have the ability to - sure. But we don't HAVE to.