Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bioneers Conference in Cleveland next month

Bioneers.org brings together people who are committed to the environment, health, social justice and good living. They have a yearly conference in California, which is "beamed" to satellite sites around the country. We are fortunate that Cleveland is one of these sites! Mark your calendars for Oct. 19-21 to attend the Beaming Bioneer Cleveland Conference at Cleveland State University.

The format is as follows - Local speakers and activities in the morning, California conference beamed in the afternoon. Daily yoga sessions, area tours, and panel discussions enhance the experience. Here's the schedule.

Topics include:
  • Green affordable housing in the city
  • Healthy Workers/Healthy Business
  • Solutions that benefit people, the planet, and profit
  • No Child Left Inside!
  • NE Ohio transportation
  • Plastic from alternative sources (not oil!)
  • Citizen Blogging - featuring terra, not terror
I will be part of a panel on Saturday morning to discuss Citizen Blogging and how bloggers can impact the environment.

I hope to see you there!


Village Green said...

Congratulations Terra! Wish I could be there for your presentation. Unfortunately I'm already booked for
Saturday elsewhere.

This sounds like a wonderful event -- looking forward to reading your report.

terra said...

Thank you. I'm really excited - both about being on the panel, and attending the event. The topics are excellent and I've heard great things about the conference.

Sharon McMillan said...

I found out about this conference about a month ago and couldn't believe Cleveland was one of the satellite sites. I'll be there and look forward to your panel Saturday morning!

terra said...

Thanks, Sharon. I'm just thrilled!

mom said...

Terra! I sure wish I could be there. I'm just to far away, Oregon! Oh my gosh, am I ever proud of you. I know you are doing what you are supposed to do and you are so loving it. I can't wait to read and hear all about this great event you are in.