Tuesday, July 31, 2007

World's 1st Green City

China is building the world's first sustainable city, called Dongtan. Dongtan will be built on an island just north of Shanghai, and will include the following features:
  • ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: The city will create and harvest its own clean electricity.
  • CARBON BAN: Only zero-emissions vehicles will be allowed within city limits.
  • 65% OPEN SPACE: Parks, waterways, and organic farms will permeate the landscape.
  • HIGH DENSITY GREEN BUILDING: Super efficient structures will be clustered in walkable neighborhoods.
  • WASTE REPURPOSING: 90% of all waste will be reused and/or entered into multiple loop cycles.
  • Dongtan aims to house 500,000 people by 2020 in a healthy, sustainable environment.



    Smart Guy said...

    Though cities like Beijing have serious environmental deficiencies, this proves once again that China is looking forward, whereas the U.S. seems bent on holding onto the past.

    TimFitz said...

    Another step in China's future as the capitol of the world.