Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Itsy bitsy progress

I've read a couple of exciting things lately in the efforts to bring consumers a choice on their automobile energy sources. I love these ideas because they don't rely totally on gas, they're American, or they move us in a totally new direction. announced it is offering $1 million to anyone who can create a 100-mpg plug-in hybrid, and another $10 million to develop the car. Love it! I would like to get off oil completely, but I really like the idea of a plug-in car. It is so much less expensive for the consumer. And once we start using solar and wind power, the plug-ins have absolutely no emissions. (Plug-ins currently would use your home's electricity, which is coal-based) Check out the video. A plug-in hybrid would allow you to use zero gas for your work commute, plus the flexibility to take longer trips without stopping at an outlet.

aircarSaturn has created the hybrid Vue. While Saturn is the company that ditched the all-electric EV-1 a few years back (for no good reason) I applaud their development of hybrid technology. It's the first American hybrid. This is an SUV, so it gets an estimated 27 city, 32 highway mpg. Not great, but not too bad. I look forward to more exciting, green American cars.

Best for last... an Indian company, Tata Motors, will soon begin selling a car that runs on air! (pictured) It can go 68 mph and expected to have a range of 125 miles. Then you fill it with compressed air at the gas station!! (more articles) It seems there is talk of a air-car hybrid that uses compressed air most of the time, and a "bio-energy system" for more extended driving. The MiniCat and CityCat will cost less than $10,000.

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Tip of the day: Combine shopping trips to reduce commute time.

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